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Why the dirt on the wings?
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Originally Posted by Nicoflyer View Post
I don't mean to sound stupid but how are the shafts bending on a plane thats a pusher?I've had about 1/2 dozen deferent types of flying wings and never bent a shaft.Don't get me wrong I've wrecked plenty wings but never bent the shafts.
Is it from the props striking the ground on landings? I cant imagine it bending with the power off.
Hey Nico.......not stupid at all.
When you run a heavier Stryker (heavy motor/batts/airframe strengthening(s), etc.) your landing speed increases, as does the rate at which you will drop for a given slower speed, plus your Stryker will also NOT want to bleed off speed so easy. All of this makes for a prop that will want to keep spinning, even running 100% brake, especially on a 4 pole motor, any prop over 6 inches (if you can stop the prop) unless you have time to get the prop totally level (or out of the way of your landing place), you run the chance of catching the tip on the prop.
Both scenarios make for a bent 3.2mm shaft, and paying well over $100 for a motor just to bend a shaft on the first few flights really stinks.
Stock Strykers really do not have this problem, but ask around for the Dudes running the heavier Strykers and they can tell you what happens without 5mm shafts..........................everything else bends !!!!!
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