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Originally Posted by moparmyway View Post
OK, I suppose this is to all who have been asking about NEU with 5mm shafts and MEGA

1. NEU 5mm shaft is available in "H" (Heli) version only. Add 3-4 weeks to the time that Castle says on its website. I know because I have ordered 4 of them. I still have 3 of them, I gave 1 to a well deserving friend. MEGA is easier to get in 5mm shaft. All this means that with a 5mm shaft, you will NOT bend it, even if you are running an 8 inch prop

2. MEGA motors are available. If I wanted a MEGA ASAP, I would PM Gryphon and ask him for his help. He "knows" about MEGA before MEGA knows about MEGA. Go figure that out and you have yourself the winning lotto ticket, but it is true.

3. MEGA motors are 6 pole, NEU motors are 4 pole. If you dont care about pole count, thats OK, but "MY" testing has shown that the 6 pole MEGA's are more efficient and have more its up to you which one to get. We are talking about the worlds best 2 motors here, so the difference is really a personal choice, but if it was me, and I go for MAX speed, MEGA has the edge.

4. MEGA has proven to give its product to the user in less time than NEU does. You might not like hearing this, but I have ordered from both, and MEGA has less waiting.

5. I do NOT know everything, but I do know that what I have just listed above to be 100% true, so take what is written and decide for yourself which way to lean based on your own criteria. Personally, I like the MEGA because the brake @ 100% on a Castle ESC will stop the prop easier than 100% brake on a NEU. It boils down to pole count there, but the overwhelming edge goes to MEGA for power and efficiency. If you want specifics, just PM or ask.
I don't mean to sound stupid but how are the shafts bending on a plane thats a pusher?I've had about 1/2 dozen deferent types of flying wings and never bent a shaft.Don't get me wrong I've wrecked plenty wings but never bent the shafts.
Is it from the props striking the ground on landings? I cant imagine it bending with the power off.
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