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Yep, you can do the same thing in a full scale aircraft by holding your head still
and sighting on that non-moving spot through the windshield.
And if you see the nose going up but the static visual point is going down,
then you're approaching a stall.

I've been meaning to put some of my landing clips together so here was a convenient
excuse to do so.
FPV Landings - power planes (9 min 30 sec)

Notice how I'm usually flying at least two legs of the landing pattern but the legs can be
of varying lengths as I will turn when I think I'm on the right glide slope to make the landing
where I want.

Keep an eye out for the non-moving visual point whenever I'm lined up on final and
see if you can predict roughly where I'll touch down. I often aim a little short
but carry enough airspeed to ride the ground effect a bit long, and I can drop it
anywhere in between.

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