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Murdnunoc, AWESOME SPEED! Congrats man, you are very very close to Mopar now

This outrunner thing is very intriguing, and appears to be working at least in the short term. It makes me interested in a couple tests that could be entertaining

1) Flipping the outrunner around. You already mentioned flipping the shaft. It would be cool to see you flip the motor behind the trailing edge to get the prop further away from the wing. Might get you a little higher prop efficiency, at least theoretically. Not sure if it would give you balance problems though?

2) Comparing efficiency (RPM). Not sure if either of you want to release your figures, but it would be very interesting to compare with Mopar prop for prop on power and RPM to determine whether the outrunner or inrunner is more efficient. It wouldn't be too difficult, run the outrunner up to max, see what kind of rpm you can spin the prop you have on it (assuming 6.5-7"?). Then see if Mopar has any close data figures with any of his inrunners...

Seems like a good learning experience. I can't wait to see how much you can wring this bad-boy out. It should be a party!

I might bring this to peoples attention. Some new Hyperion Outrunners released. Most notably is a 3032-4 (1545kv, .0065 resistance ). It should take HUGE power, and might just fit in the new customrc 28mm mount. If not im sure Murdnunoc can make it work
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