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Originally Posted by Kai_Shiden View Post
I can respect that, however I'm talking from my own firsthand experience with actual issues. When you can show me documented proof that so many radios were functioning at the same time I'll be glad to read it. That's like saying that you've heard of thousands of DSM2 radios being on around the world at once.

Spektrum has documented that the way it scans channels, if it see 39 radios in use, the 40th radio will not transmit until it sees 2 open channels free up (this is to limit overlap). So in your (flawed) examples of Joe Nall and IRCHA are rediculous (although it would be quite impressive looking if there really were 500 aircraft, or 700 helis in the air at once).

In the case of Spektrum (which is all I was referencing), yes it does happen to utilize 2.4ghz in the same way as our older TX's do, since it doesn't hop, it divides up the band into 80 "channels", and yes, 2 or more radios can overlap and still be fine (due to multipath). FASST using 36 frequency slots and hopping every 2ms acts more like a typical wireless 802.11* network does and has packet collision detection.

The above information is right on Spektrum's faq page:

Those RF engineers you talked to were working from incomplete information (that you probably gave them, unless you gave them the patent or FCC information on how Spektrum DSM2 works AND gave them time to think it through), therefore their answers are not incorrect to the scope of the information they were given by you. Your questions were probably incorrectly formulated.

Your credentials mean nothing to me, I already read them in another thread you posted in. I'm talking indisputable facts, what your experience is has no bearing on the conversation until you post links to references.

Simple obstinance to conceptual dimensions is not reason.
The Articles on the Joe Nall are long since published. Ditto the IRCHA findings at Muncie this year.

YOU go find them I've alrewady read them.
The operative limits are undefined.

BTE what are your credentials. Mine are rather minimal compared to Paul Beard, John Adams, XJet and even others on these threads.

You offer nothibng other than 'But my exoerience has been ......'

Quantify it factually and conceptually. You may not be interested in my so called credentials but I see you have published absolutely zip on yours.

Right now you are attempting to overide the facts presented with sheer noise and apparently very little conceptual undessstanding of SS.

THAT, I am unimpressed with!
I really don't feel that you understand what it is you are trying to promote as "The Understanding" of SS and ts limitations and operating characteristics.

Your statements are selected personal opinions, period.
I've provided some (not all) of the names where thie concepts presented can be verified.

Frankly I doubt that you can present any kind of a factual case for your biases, short of more noise.
Facts and known references please, just as have been provided to you.
Nothing else.

Edit addition: commenting on your post #257 (immediately below)

Translating your comments, you are telling us that you have no credentials of any sort right?
At least I give you credit for not lying about it.
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