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I'll be helping with scoring at the SWC, so you may see me running back and forth with score cards. That will be me. Also, keep an eye out for the Eraser with google eyes on the bottom of the wing.

I got to test fly the Eraser today!!! I brought the scale to the field and checked the weight. I got 75.5 ounces AUW! Not too bad considering the extensive repairs done on the wing. I still have to finish the nose skeg and will re-weight it. The CG is sitting at about 110 to 112 mm from the leading edge. I don't have a CG machine so I made marks on some tape on the bottom of the wing and then used my fingers to hold up and balance the plane. I left the base of the skeg on the plane for extra landing protection. The field here is mostly dirt with some rocks thrown in.

Flying: The hand toss looked perfect with just a click or two of down trim and a click or two or rudder trim. Since I am inexperienced with testing out new planes, I had two fellow flying buddies (who were way more experienced) launch and trim the plane. Needless to say, I was nervous. We played with the aileron to rudder mix and the elev to flap mix. Yup, 70 degrees of flap really slows her down. :>) Can't wait to finish the skeg and get in some landing practice. One of the flights was over 30 minutes. My flying buddy was having a great time! Wish I had a "How High" in the plane. Finally got to fly the plane after some more radio adjustments and it flies great! I am still getting use to it, but the thermal turns are almost effortless. I still need to do a dive test and I'll fine tune the CG from there, but I'll wait till I get the skeg made and the servo covers installed. Had a close call already.... the line broke on the winch just after launch at about 20 feet up. My flying buddy was able to recover and land safely. Boy, was I sweating.

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