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did you ever work this out.

When I zoom into my wing tips I see a number of large polygon segments, rather than my clean airfoil that has 100 points on the top and 100 on the bottom.

I "think" it's just a rendering issue, but I may be doing something wrong.

I have a wing with about 5 span stations, but it's only the small stuff near the wing tip that is giving me problems. Tip chord is 37mm & 10% max thickness.



Originally Posted by kcaldwel View Post
Thanks Colin. I may take you up on looking at one of my files if I continue to have problems.

What I meant when I said SW seems to be ignoring a lot of the airfoil points, is, when I zoom in on the wing ends (root, tip), there are large straight lines on the contour. These straight lines are over distances where I know there are multiple airfoil points. I can vaguely see facets on the wing extrusion coresponding with these straight lines on the airfoil.

This isn't a huge issue for me right now, and perhaps surfaces will be better. I just extruded constant chord wing with an AG airfoil file to try it out, and try assembling a multiple panel wing. This could just be a display issue as well.

I will be getting to lofts with multiple airfoils shortly, but I am busy building a shop, and a CNC foam cutter as well.

Thanks again for your help. A few hints can save a lot of menu clicking, Help and internet searching, and general head scratching!

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