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Originally Posted by LuvEvolution7 View Post
not much point in genting into a pissing match really. if you've travelled all over the world as I have, you start to get the same overall impression of the U.S...................most of the world dislikes you for one reason or another. and not to get into politics too much, but from most I've talked to, it's because of US foreign policy that they have that view of you. they feel like the US is "sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong" type of attitude. whether you agree with that or not, that's what some of these people think of you and it's not really fair as a whole. you get this in every country though, but it's weird how noone ever mentions that, just about the US. makes you wonder, huh? anyway, enough ranting. it was just a thought.

by the way Gary, that was one sweet a$$ BD5. the windrider is a little small for my liking. I'de like something in the 70mm size and paint it to represent Scott Manning's plane. he died performing at the Ottawa Airshow and I knew him on a semi personal level. I'm thinking your fan in this plane. hmmmmmmmmmm.
If the 70mm Windrider is too small for ya, they also have a new 90mm Version with a glass fuse. there's a thread here somewhere.
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