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Originally Posted by GryphonRCU View Post

Is your little servo secured well? (use of glue and other fillers (due to size), or double sided servo tapeÖ)

Any slop on either side of your push rods?

With your elevons horizontal, can you lift them vertically up and down? Meaning is there any play in the hinge area (I donít mean in rotational deflection)

How far forward is your C.G.?

What speeds are you flying at?

Do you lose elevator control only at full throttle and max speed?
If so do gain it back right after chopping throttle?

Does your Aileron control remain fine at all times?

Servos are glued and taped. No play in the hinges, It balances way nose heavy with my 4S 3300, but if flies good like that. I haven't clocked the speed but I would guess 110mph-ish. It's about the same speed as my funjet on 3S, 6x4, same ARC 1.5.

Elevator is crumby at low speeds but I waould expect that because of the weight. It get's worse at full throttle.

On my next builf with the new motor mount I will be using larger elevons, and beefier servos, not sure which ones yet.
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