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Originally Posted by chochmah View Post
I got a couple of general questions to though:

The vendor said that the EDFs I bought would have 840g of thrust but I meassured just short of 500g. Batteries are 25C, 11.1V. ESC can handle more then 60A.
It also says 11.1V, 45A, 840W. How is that possible? (As far as I remember from school Watt=Ampere x Volt which means that the motor could only do 11.1x45=500 Watt.)
Welcome to the world of vendors and salesmen...
Donīt trust all vendors, try to find test data done by members on these forums. Most fans and motor combos has been tested by someone here. Use the search functions and you will find it!
I never trust any wendor on this matter. Either the thrust is overestimated or the amp draw is underrated - or both. Confusing? Yes it is unfortunately...

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