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Why the dirt on the wings?
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I hope this does NOT come across as me picking on you, but I think just a couple of small changes might be necessary for you to get elevator responses.

1. It might seem unorthodox now, but try the top hole on the elevon first. Lets see what happens when we give those 65's a little reprieve. It will cut down on the throws some, but in your DX6, you can program 125% servo travel in the TRAVEL ADJUST menu, with 125% movement in the EXPO menu. You might already have 125/125, but if you dont, that would be a nice way to get back the trevel you will loose by running the elevon horn in the top hole. You might just need to make sure the servo does NOT hit its internal stop with 125/125, you will know when the servo stops moving and your stick still travels

2. I know all too well what happens to those little red servo arms............they are NOT the best choice. I run the Du-Bro white super duty ones, or Hi-Tec black arms when using mid or full size servos.

3. Do you have any CF (other than the trailing edge) embedded in the wing ? my concern there is this; Take your Stryker by its wing-tips and try to bend them together. Just see if the wing has some flex to it, we dont need any of your Stryker wings snapping, just see if there is some deflection. At higher speeds, the wing will actually deform around the airstream if they arent stiff enough, rendering your stick "mushy"

Your FJ................try to mix in a little aileron with your throttle. I have had some builds where it was necessary, just the way the elevons or trailing edge got aligned, or where I had a wing that was "slightly distorted" from an impact. It softens the wing some, which will allow for alot more flex at higher speeds. Can you post some of your FJ pics in the link below, let me see whats up there.
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