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Burned a Servo. I don't know how that happend. One of the big Servos in the Wingbox turned 180 degrees to the right when I pluged the battery in and refused to react to tx-commands. I removed the screws and discovered that the plastic on the bottom of the servo was molten. Strange (at least to me). I took a 15year old Graupner servo out of a little ship I build when I was a Kid and, although a little heavy, that servo worked perfectly as replacement.
  • I soldered the Antennawire back to the receiver and that was quite messy. Maybe that killed the servo?
  • Could plugging the servowires into the receiver the wrong way burn a servo?
  • I'm not 100% sure that the Antenna-Wire is realy connected to the connector on the receiver. How can I check? What would be the maximal distance the receiver would still get a signal if the antenna was not connected.

Since the shipment from GB still has not crossed the channel I made my own servocontrolhorns and beefed them up with plywood (thanks capt). I'm now waiting for a totaly calm day to make the maidenflight.

I got a couple of general questions to though:

The vendor said that the EDFs I bought would have 840g of thrust but I meassured just short of 500g. Batteries are 25C, 11.1V. ESC can handle more then 60A.
It also says 11.1V, 45A, 840W. How is that possible? (As far as I remember from school Watt=Ampere x Volt which means that the motor could only do 11.1x45=500 Watt.)

Timing on ESCs:
I think the Motors in the EDFs are outrunners (the shell turnes when the motor turns). Where do I get the number of "Poles" the Motor has? Do I have to change the Timing on the ESCs to Outrunner? (The standardsetting is inrunner) Is there a risk to ruin the esc/motors if I use a wrong setting?

thanks for your time and help
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