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Excellent review here, well done !

I have this one, and still amazed on its beautiful handling, I have loads of snow here so frequent the hand launch which is does quite well, if your use to deadstick landings this one is easy, simply drop the nose if necessary to keep things flying, it comes in on the this bird !

I caution its speed for the novice, even at just over half throttle it zooms slightly compared to my other trainers, but its solid handling, slightly coarse on the ailerons but not bad...mine has only a wire for the nose landings in the snow simply to keep the prop clear and works fantastic...give it all stars, dozens of flights and no issues...nice design here, its indeed a it !!

Note I don't fly mine below half throttle, just me perhaps but this one wants to fly !!

One other alert on this puppie, its slightly small so don't fly out too far even over 12 seconds one direction with any speed and makes a tiny targer for my older eyes, simply keep it in a good visual range, nearly lost mine on an early maiden turning abit late but caught a view of the wings as it turned and able to bring her back, just be aware..<>..
BEST ..<>..
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