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The reason the GOP hates Acorn is because they receive federal funding, then turn around and in multiple recorded instances advocate that those receiving those benefits openly break the law.

Prostitution, child prostitution, prostitution with illegal imagrents(read; sex slaves). All of which I’m sure you’d agree are victimless crimes.

What other crimes, Gman, would you have them advocate with YOUR tax dollars?

As to your article.

Paragraph 11:
Republican-minded groups--from the NRA to religious rightists--run the exact same kinds of voter-reg and turnout campaigns in GOP neighborhoods. But these rabid partisans (who are the same people who connived in 2000 to "elect" Bush president on a rigged 5-4 Supreme Court vote) were not about to allow a Democratic-minded group get away with such success. So they cynically decided to demonize the group, shout it down, and shut it down.
How, in heaven’s name does anyone “RIG” a supreme court decision???!!!
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