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Edit (22/01/12) : I have shuffled these post around so I can post some pics here of finished models. I find it fascinating how people have taken this design and made it their own, each time:

1. Kepa - ("Water Jackal" seaplane variant) - p7 and then on thead at
2. Enthlapy - page 8 (inc video)
3. tolic21 - p9 (120% size)
4. mardimardigras - p10 (70% size, KFM wing)
5. Aero Andy - p11 (60% size, EPP airframe) (inc video on p12)
6. grandwazoo - p12
7. brett.c - p13 (80% size, KFM wing)
8. twinkle - p14 (shorter fuse, longer wing)
9. -p16 (mini size) (inc video)
10. CaseySP - p16 (T-tail design)
11. twinkle - ("Jeckel" twin boom variant) - p18

Good work, RCGroupers. I salute you.

If I missed anything, or you have something more I should add here, just let me know. Steve
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