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Jackal Twin - compact 1m span twin-engined COIN style parkflyer. Plans & Video.

Here's a design I want to share with the forum. Gentlemen, I present the Jackal Twin. She's designed to be cheap, cheerful, fast and fun. She's built almost entirely of 6mm depron and she's powered by a couple of cheap BL motors and 2x10Amp Escs. She's basically a Twinstar with a bad attitude. Crossed with a Partenavia. And then maybe a Pucara. Her lineage is, frankly, a little murky - but she's lovely. Plans, build info and pics plus video footage to follow.

Spec is:

Span: 1m
Weight: 498g
Motor: CF 2812 (x2)
Battery: Thunder Power 1320 mAh 3S
Prop: APC 6x4 (matched pair, 1x standard 1x pusher)
Current: 17 amps
Watts: 168 watts
Speed control: Wasp 10A (x2)
Flight controls: Elevator, ailerons, rudder (plus flaperon mixing)

With matching 6x4 props counter-rotating she flies dead straight, there's no torque With the motors up high on that shoulder-mounted wing, there's lots of ground clearance for ROG takeoffs and touch and gos. Landing is just a matter of dropping the power then belly-sliding in. No u/c gear to get bent. No prop strikes. Not ever. Even if you drop a wingtip into the grass, the props are still clear. I'm actually thinking that with the rates on low this would be a perfect aileron trainer. But then again, switch to high rates - and she's a fun handful. Open up the throttle and she'll happily go vertical. And that's with a cheap and basic twin powertrain thats not even breaking a sweat.

On the maiden flight she happily took off with no gear, sliding along on her belly - on wet, sticky, uneven grass - in about 30 feet or so.

[Edit] Here's a quick link to the maiden video from page 2 of this thread -

At the moment (I've just maidened her) this is still very much a prototype. She flies (I think) very nicely, but I still have things to sort out. Need to add cowls around the motors, add underwing stores, add nice paint job. I might reshape the fuse belly to slide on grass better, make her more stable, stop her rolling and dipping a wingtip. Anyway...

Anyone want plans or info, just ask - I want to share this with you guys, to try and repay a little for all I've learned on here in years of lurking.
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