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Old Jan 22, 2010, 10:46 PM
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All Done lads!! And it flies too!!

It is just WAY too windy here to get any serious air time but I have had it off the ground, and just trying to trim it up.

I have some questions though...

Q1) I have read through the thread and have found some differing of opinions..

1 said... Put all of the Gyro Gains together on the Throttle pin
1 said... Put all of the Gyros Gains together on the GEAR pin.

So which one is it??

Q2) My tri keeps wanting to yaw right. I have balanced it nicely, and have noticed that there is a fair bit of Yaw required to keep it pointing straight. Any ideas??

Q3) Do I need to Adjust the GAIN on the YAW gyro - and if so Where do I do that?? I am using the GWS one stated early in thread.

Q4) These are the settings I have on my DX7... please tell me if you see anything stupid...

PITCH = 0 25 50 100

120 swash
AILE +40
PIT +70

GYRO GAIN on Gear Channel is 35

Anything else I have missed?

I will try to get some video soon

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