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for those who don't want to buy a 20$ RSSI Buffer from DPCAV, here is a short how to build:

1. Why?
Because when you hook up the RSSI Output of the receiver direct to an OSD, some current is drawn from the receiver. In a few cases the voltage breaks down and can cause range problems.
So, here comes the buffer. It will copy the RSSI voltage and supplies enough current for the OSDs to measure the RSSI voltage.
No more problems.

The material costs are around 1-2 USD.
You will need an Operational Amplifier and some servo cable and a Toroid Ferrite Core.

For the OP you will need a LM358.
We need to build an Voltage follower.

Its very easy to build this one.
I used a 2mm gold connector to connect the rssi buffer to the rssi output of my Futaba R1410DP.
Look at the photos, how i solder it together.
Quite easy.
5g with all connectors ready to use.
Works perfect.

Feel free to ask.
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