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Some power supplies can be ran at max. output but it is best to have a little headroom. This can be said for most electronics's . The PL8 is an exception however. Given the required input volts and amps it is very happy to run at its' rated max..

I admit that I have not been able to run it at max. for very long as my batteries just do not take that long to charge at those kind of rates but it has been ran hard for hours on end at FMA. Let's just say this one is very conservatively rated and that everyone should keep a close eye on their power supply ,most especially those who try and push their's to the max. The Power Supply Options (settings) can and will do a great job protecting one's power supply be it AC or deep cycle batteries as long as you do your part and set reasonable limits.

One day while I was testing the PL8 and power supply my wife walked into my mad scientiest lab and said what is that smell , hope it is not your new charger. I told her the charger was doing just fine but my power supplies and load were maxed out. I went from 720 watts power supply to 1320 and now I suffer the need bigger batteries to keep it working harder longer syndrone. It is a nice problem to have though.

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