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I don't know how to build models but I've been looking into the file structures because I'm trying to develop a model management tool.

All three of your .x (and .mqo) files use a really long relative path for the texture file. Changing this inside the file by hand did not fix the problem so I opened Metasequouia on the Dazzler model. Material mat6 shows the long relative pathname which is not on my system. When I removed all relative path stuff the "Show" button showed the file but did not show the texture mapped to the sphere in the upper left. When I used the "Ref" button to specify the location of the file on my system the texture then got mapped and showed up.

This appears to be a bug in Metasequouia that has to be worked around. Especially since while just playing with the path I crashed the program. It appears that the texture files need to be in the directory specified in the Configuration setup.

In addition your unicorn model refers to several texture files which are not included in your zip file. This happens to be a problem I uncovered with model management. Any name can be used for a texture file so people don't know what files go with what model without opening them up by hand!
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