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My training diary

I've decided to post my beginner progress from now (tail in hovering only) to some mild 3D.

I'm 30 now and first flew fixed wing nitro models at the age of about 11-12 with my father. We stopped flying shortly after..I don't recall why.

About 2006 we got back into flying with small electric park flyers. We both always wanted to try helicopters, so my father bought him a few helis. I want to say a Blade CP Pro (junk!) and a Blade CX. I bought a HBFP V1 in 2007, and for reasons still unknown to me, a King II. I never properly setup the HB nor did I spend SIM time to learn to hover. I ended up crashing a lot in my kitchen and giving up.

Meanwhile my dad was taking a cavalier approach, could hover a little, spent most of his time crashing the following outside:

Trex 450SA
Belt CP V1
Blade CP

I went on to airplanes and learned a great deal of 3D.

I received a Blade mSR for christmas this year, which resparked my interest. I had been reading forums off and on since 2007 and learned that the little honey bee FP could have been a great trainer, and I now had a sim (AFPD, more on this later).

I decided to get a HBFP V2 due to it's upgrades. In and out of flying the mSR I took the time to balance and setup the FP. I can now hover it tail in and slide it around, still tail in, and maintain a hover where i put it. Side in hovering usually results in a crash after a minute or two, nose in I just play with on the sim and the mSR.

Current equipment and approach

1 DX7
1 JR X9303 with a broken gear switch. I plan to send this to horizon for a checkup and sell it.
1 Blade mSR with 8 batteries
1 HBFP with 5 batteries on stock tx
1 Belt CP given to me, broken main rotor hub and washout..shelved for now.
1 TRex 450 SA
1 HK540 kit, not flyable yet
1 EXI 450 Carbon - not here yet
1 King II with upgrades - probably won't play with this at all

I have 6 chargers, tons of HS65s and ESCS up to 110 amp.

I plan to use the mSR and Simulator to get what I'm working on down enough to hit with the HBFP. From there it's the Trex 450 SA outside in hopefully low wind.

Right now I can hover the SA tail in with gear in winds up to 12-15 mph (as of yesterday). I do very well at holding attitude and altitude, but not perfect. Without wind I can pretty much keep it where I want.

I'll post each day I train at all, even if it's just with the sim, and people can chime in with tips, encouragements, etc.

Maybe in the end some other beginners could find this useful.
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