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It will take some time for the masses to warm up to the idea of 5C LiPolys charging as we were told 1C max. for so many years. I have been charging what I consider to be my best Lipolys at 3C for close to 4 years now and for the past year charging some of the newer LiPolys at up to 6C. Yesterday at the field I was charging a 3S 1100 at 6C and replacing right at 70% (800 mAh ) in 7 minutes.

Please note that while more of the newer LiPolys can be safely charged at higher rates with a very good quality balancing charger not all of them fair to well at these high rates life cycle wise.

One feacture of the Cell Pro Chargers has been Auto C rate charging. If you fly a mixture of Lipolys covering a wide range of capacities say from 1000 to 5000 mAh then it is convient and safe to set a Auto Cr ate of say 3C and let the charger determine if the LiPoly being charged is indeed capable of safely being charged at that rate. The charger will perform a lot of checks during the charge as it ramps up and if the LiPoly or some of the cells are not really up to 3C charging it will charge at a reduced rate.

Auto C rate charging is not perfect as it has many variable to contend with. One of the new feactures of the PL8 is a Fuel Wizard which when implemented should make creating very accurate Fuel tables for different LiPolys fairly simple. My experience with the PL8 to date is that the Auto C rate up to 3C is very close with most of my better LiPolys. This is using just the Generic LiPoly Preset. Us Beta Team members have not be alowed to use any of the Preset in the Library which in fact have some which have been tuned for some of the Revolectrix LiPoly.

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