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Charge rates are 10 mA up to the max. rate which is 30A for some chemistries. capacities and in some case depending on if it is a Balanced or Non balance charge.
Steps are 5 mA however 5 Ma steps can be turned of and then steps are 100 mA . This option is available to reduce the time required to go from very low to very high charge rate when using only the PL8. When using with computer and CCS Drop Downs make it fast regardless.
Ni sensitivity is listed under termination and is referred to as Voltage fall back . It is adjustable from 1 to 25mV.
Remember there are 25 user's Preset and a Library of 50 additional Presets. If for some reason 75 Preset are not enough additional ones can be saved to and loaded from your computer using the CCS and interface. You could have have Presets that match your routine charges and perhaps 5 mA steps and addition ones with 100 mA steps.You can also turn the 5 mA steps off and on at the PL8 without a computer or CCS.

About the only thing it Will not do is a charge / discharge which is considered unsafe.

One of the real delimas has been juggling what some may want to do against what is safe for not only them but their batteries. This list is still being tweaked and while it keeps getting closer I am afraid it will never be perfect in the minds of all.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is after all a Beast power wise. 1 KW used unwisely could be a sight to behold that no one needs to see. FMA has been and will continue to be first and for most concerned about safety.

Everyone take a few minutes and consider how difficult it is to create a charger that can charge a single cell 20 mAh safely and yet be able to charge an 8S at up to 1,000 watts (30A) and to be as safe as possible in the hands of someone new to the hobby but not be to restricted for a user such as myself.

Also bear in mind that the firmware(options / Presets) for the PL8 is still being tweaked and as noted in the first post subject to change.

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