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WOW IT's CHANGED but thyats ok I found U all
Well I've been a very very bad boy. You see I went to the KCRC swap meet an of course momma gave me a 100 dollars of the grocery money to go.
Now this swapmeet is big they had it in an expo center which is bigger that a gym an it was packed.
Well I walked around an checked everything out. Now realizing I only had a 100 dollars I really took my time before buying anything.
And as you all know the very best deals are always at the very last. So about 4 hrs after I got there I came across the dist for powerline s an he hab this 38" cub with a 400 brushless motor,20 amp speed controller an servos installed an he was selling them for 100.
Well I had been by his table more times than I could count an finally I made him an offer of 75 for 1, well he came down to 95 an thats when I told a whopper.
I said well all I have is 75 on me an that was going to leave me broke.
He told to take out my wallet an show him.
Well he called my bluff so I pulled out my wallet an I had 95 because it cost me 5 to get in.
Well he just grinned at me when I counted out $95 in front of him. An counter offered at 85. I couldn't resist it. I bought her.
THEN after I walked away from the table with this buddy I've mine This other guy who had a 36" ART TECH Yak with a 400 geared brushless complete just add batt an fly.
Well he had come down several times to $60.
I asked my buddy ( Hey if I offer him $30 for it will you loan me the money till I get home)
He agreed So when I made the offer I told him look I gotta borrow the money to buy it.
To my suprize He sold it.
kerwin50 is online now Find More Posts by kerwin50
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