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Originally posted by Herb
Aeronaut should seriously consider investing the money in either buying or renting a CNC cut machine for the ply formers and the several other hardwood parts...

They are made out of just about the hardest plywood known to man and cutting through it is a major feat, at least without a well setup wood milling shop. After two hours of work I was finally able to pull one former out, without any finishing yet...
Hi Herb,

I told the boss of aeronaut about the pain at cutting the former in Sinsheim this year. He was asking the guy which was responsible for the selection of the wood and the guy replied that he thought that it need to be very strong so he choosen the hardest wood he could get.

The electrical saw(250W) needed 4 cooling pauses, because it became to hot. My electrical Dremel contour sander(220V!) needed 3 cooling pauses and I needed a lot sanding tubes!

Best Regards and good luck at sanding,

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