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Lost over 90mm Midi Fan and Motor combo???

Hey Guys,

So I am a bit lost on what motor I should match up with my Midi Fan.

So I am getting ready to build my Pro Design F-18 and I have been reserching setups for weeks now looking for that balance of decent speed and power but tollerable flight times (6-7 min mixed throttle) and I am kind of stuck! Rough estimates have the jet coming out at about 7lbs with 6s and 7.5lbs with 8s. I want to keep the motor budget at a reasonable price (would like to stay under $100). I really am thinking 6s so I have the convience of charging 1 battery not 2 (2) 4s's to make up 8s) soooo Battery will most likely be 6s 5000 30c. I am going with a CC ICE 100 ESC so I can run 6 or 8s.

Neumotors are just to expensive, Medusa is out of buisness sooo I am looking at: (with some flightcalc specs on 6s 5000mah 30c)

HET Typhoon 600-37 (1700kv) 4.1lbs of thrust and 162 watts per lb (pretty weak but good flight times) $89

Great Planes Electrifly Ammo 36-56-1800kv 4.4lbs thrust and 184 watts per lb (better but not great but still good flight times) $49

The Scorpion motors (hk3026) are outrunners and needs quite a bit of Fan Modifications to make work so not sure about that but the price and specs are decent, not sure I want to hack up the fan!

Hobbyking has this:
KD36-74-09XL (1900kv) 5lbs of thrust and 220 watts per lb and still ok flight times the $31.95 price tag is just dosent seem like enough money for a motor of this size???

So can anyone make some suggestions and please dont just throw out a brand with out a model # that would work on the Midi fan.

Keep in mind if I have to I could go 8s but trying to stick with 6s

Thanks for any help,
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