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8FG 'Trim mix' and RF transmit

Could anyone shed any light on a problem I've come across with my 8FG? I'm setting up a new full-house e-glider with my (also) new 8FG so there's plenty of scope for operator induced error here as I move up to a more sophisticated/complicated set-up

I'm using the 'trim mix' function in each 'flight condition' to set the camber, elevator etc. In 'Normal' condition I'm also using some trim mix to set the flap/aileron positions. However, when I turn on the Tx it doesn't go into its usual RF transmit mode, but warns that trim mix is activated - requiring a couple of extra steps to get up and running. If I inhibit trim mix then all is fine again on power-up. Why should this be so and how can I avoid going through this routine every time? Naturally I can understand a warning if you attempt to start up at mid throttle or something, but why trim mix?

Second query concerns the flight condition names. At one place in the manual it mentions that you can change the names of flight conditions - but I can find no further reference to this feature, or indeed work out how to do so. Can anyone offer any illumination on this point?

Apart from these queries I'm hugely delighted with the 8FG's scope and flexibility. I guess in an ideal world the side sliders might just have been a tad longer for cold fingers - but otherwise excellent!

Thanks in advance.

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