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Originally Posted by biskit View Post
That's awesome. The cycling will allow anybody to test packs and sort through the marketing hype, espicially with the rapidy changing low-$ lipo market. It would be the primary reason I would buy one. What about a settable delay before each discharge when cycling to let the pack rest a bit?

The overlay would be nearly mandatory in my opinion - otherwise why graph the data? Can the data at least be output as a text file to graph it in excel?

One more suggestion I would have is the ability to do 2v and 4v lead. Yes, I have a 4v lead battery. It would seem an easy couple lines of code to allow it?
That is a good observation about testing packs. The PL-8 is a great tool for that. In addition to watching the charge and discharge curves, you can hook this instrument up when running a motor, for example, and monitor the pack to see how it reacts to actual loads.

I can't answer your question about overlays, though I agree it would be a good thing to be able to compare subsequent cycles. We will put that in the hopper to ask the engineers.

And, yes, the PL-8 has Preset adjustments for Lead Acid charging from 1 to 12 cells. Does that do it for you?

Keep these good questions coming.

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