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Originally Posted by timocharis View Post
Fuego: I've tried that on a couple of motors and it always pushed the stator out past the mags; hurt the effy a little but not horrid.

Kev, that does have a nice wicked sound to it. I think you're just about at the max load where decent efficiency lives, but tellya what: I sure enjoyed my 10T/23g Delta. Usually I ran it 5030 or 4540, but sometimes I just had to pop on the 5043 and watch it disappear. Alas, the prop can't handle 3S, as you probably discovered at some point.

Yeah, efficiency was the only worry with doing that. However, there is a little front to back play in these motors, and in pusher config it seems to seat the bell almost back to the original position vs when there is tension pulling the bell out. Too bad I can't compare efficiency before and after that. I think the sparks would reduce efficiency more.

12t of 24g delta was and the 12 of 24 ABC were both very hard to do. I spent at least 3 hours on each one. My hands are in a bit of agony today. I think I didn't really feel it yesterday and now it has set in big time. Basically I kept it as neat as I could to start with and then used a GWS HD prop to get as much clearance as I could. I also threaded the last couple turns on each tooth and didn't worry about overlap on the backside as long as it laid down nice on the front and wasn't bulging out to the magnets. I also snapped wires on 3 different occasions, so I was tugging pretty hard on it. The 7t of 22g was actually an easier wind to do. 5t on the first layer and then 2 on the 2nd. Basically 1 tooth got those 2 turns to the outside and the adjacent ones got those turns on the inside. It seemed there was always just the right gap to get that last half turn through so it worked out nicely. Of course I did have to do the little clearance mod. However, I probably wouldn't have to in a tractor, as it didn't rub when spinning by hand, only when you pushed on it and turned would there be any interference. Anyway, I think my fingers need to heal a bit before I try any more.
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