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Ahhgh! Not ANOTHER new plane!
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Re: Solartex - apparently at one time it was made lighter, I'm told. Maybe mine was the older, semi-transparent covering, or maybe it was Polytex. The reason I'm not sure is that it was in an unmarked bin at the LHS.

Superfabric is advertised as being light. Anybody who tries it, let us know.

My first flight was this morning - quite successful. I'm using an Astroflight 15 geared motor with 12 cells and a 12x8 prop. My ROG was about 40', very reasonable, perhaps could have rotated sooner. It took a bunch of trim in the sky, mostly I think because of the torque in the motor. A more efficient motor, brushless, would help.

Turns in the sky were fairly flat. I'll be adding in rudder mixing. Landing was smooth as silk.

One bad habit; it ground-loops like crazy. I had 6 aborted attempts before I could get a straight run. I imagine the small rudder and no vertical stab plays a part in this.

Now to horrify Mr Rake: Weight without batteries was exactly 3 lbs. The 1 lb, 11 oz battery pack (2600 nimh's) puts it around 5 2/3 lbs flying weight. Heavier than average? The wing area will easily support this weight, but I'll have to be careful not to apply too much g-force...
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