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I am programmer, and want analyzed that file format in order to edit the model paramaters. If I reach this goal I may can write a program to set (at least some) parameters at the pc without using the tx. Personally I hate to way the models are programmed on the radio's and can't see any reason why I have to wrestle with 3 buttons and a iPdod-a-like circular slider. The cheap crappy HK 50$ 2.4 Ghz radios you can find can do that way... only that way. But they have a link to a PC!
Futaba engineers make it really difficult. I have to read the data each time I change something, and then look where tha changes are in the (binary) file.
If Futaba uses a sort of checksum (a control number to see if the data is correct) I will be even harder if not impossible.
Beside: For futaba itself it would be apiece of cake to program such a tool.
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