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Re: Heating a workshop/garage

Donwill schreef op 13-1-2010 :

> It's far too cold to go and play with my newly aquired mill in the wksp, I've
> started insulating it but heat is required to create a decent environment.
> To minimise the risk of condensation on machines the temperature should be
> kept reasonably constant but that's expensive if you heat to a comfortable
> working temperature. What do experienced wksp engineers do? and what type of
> heating do you reccomend?
> Don

Recently extended the shed, used 70mmm aerated concrete blocks to make
inner walls and floor heating. Now experimenting with Mother Earth's
Waste Oil Heater. Made it from old 12 kg propane bottles. Google for
the plans. Works fine with wood and lamp oil, but not - yet - on
discarded frying oil as planned. It does not seem to get hot enough to
Best regards, Dirk