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Bob Minchin
Bob Minchin
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Re: Heating a workshop/garage

Donwill wrote:

> Snip

> A friend told me about a method of keeping the dreaded rust
> away by attaching low voltage power resistors to the machines which
> seems to be quite successful in his case. I haven't done it myself yet
> but the time will come as I am collecting resistors to put it into
> practice.
> Don

As Don's "friend" I've taken some pictures of my machine heaters

Myford ML7R Lathe 2 x 5 ohm in series on 16v
Myford VMC Mill 4 x 39 ohm in parallel also on 16 v

About 25 watts into each machine.

Has kept rust away for 30 years in an unheated single skin brick
workshop. The only other 'precaution' is not cleaning up any oil
splashes from normal use.