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Richard Edwards
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Re: Heating a workshop/garage

On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 11:36:17 +0000, David Littlewood
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>I decided the first need was to insulate. I fitted fibreglass insulation
>and plasterboard to the roof. An estimate of heat loss (Googling "heat
>loss calculator" will show up dozens of pro-formas, though not many
>cover steel doors) showed that most was lost through the steel
>un-and-over door, but the manufacturer did not supply insulation panels
>for it (sidebar - should it not be a requirement to make these
>available? - the heat lost through these things can be enormous). I am
>still working on this, something cobbled up from polystyrene or
>polyurethane sheets seems probable.

I had exactly the same problem. I cosidered replacing the door with a
stud wall but decided that access in the future was important if I
ever get a "proper mill". In the end I got a builder friend to get me
two sheets of 8 x 4 Celotex 70mm thick. Cut these to suit the width of
the door frame and cut wedges of the same to fill in the edges out to
the wall. I glued a length of 75 x 19 "treated" board to the floor
first to stop any water coming through under the door getting into the
shop. Taped all of the edges of the Celotex with Aluminised tape and
put a length of EPDM seal between the lower panel and the floor board.

Reading the above it sounds like a cobble but it actually looks good
and seems to be working. Cost 46 for the two panels, tape in stock,
EPDM seal from Screwfix.
Advantages Easily removable, low cost, quick to do
Disadvantages Cannot hang anything on the new "wall".

I also had a problem with the rooflight in the garage. Even though
double glazed I could feel the cold "falling down". Fitted a piece of
1000 x 700 5mm polycarbonate sheet into the cavity and supported it
with a batten "picture frame". The polycarb has been kicking arround
for years so zero cost. Left the protective sheet on it so if needed
for a job is recoverable.
That has definitely made a difference.

Yet to insulate the roof once I get rid of a load of stuff hung from

Then I need to bite the bullet and put some "controlled" heating and
maybe de-humidification in.

Also need to check neighbors garden as I feel that their soil line is
higher than my garage floor and that is why that end of the garage
seems a bit damp!