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Originally Posted by pghern View Post
Hi Daffy,
First up.... did you go into Windows control Panel and confirm that the Rx is being recognized?
It should show as a "PPM" controller.
If you are not seeing "PPM" when you are all connected then you won't be flying. Probably the USB dongle
BTW - you go to "Game Controllers". If Ok there, then start up DeskPilot go to Menu , Controls, and see if you are getting any movement of the dial when you move the sticks?
If yes, then select the correct channel for the relative movement you see.
If no, then I am ...
BTW - did you set up and save a new model on the DX6i for "SIM"??? If not then the TX could be looking to 'pair" to the Rx and won't transmit.
OK Peter, thanks for your input, which was most helpful. ...
It also helps if the bloke here had followed the SimBlaster interface instructions more closely too! ... ... Put it down lack of expertise.

Though in hindsight it didn't seem as difficult assigning a Sim program (FMS), using the SimBlaster interface, to my old PC a few years back, which also had WIN XP SP2, the same as my new PC. Perhaps it's 'Old-Timers' setting in, and I've just forgotten, together with a current patience shortage.

However, quite logically I had already assigned a 'SIM' model in the DX6i, making the Sim program another 'model'. One good thing about Spektrum 2.4GHz sets is that, as you pointed out, only the one specified model can be 'flown' at a time.

Couple of points ... PPM or PCM did not appear, maybe because it's a 2.4GHz set perhaps?
Also the SimBlaster instructions said not to touch any buttons during the basic setup, but just hit 'Next'.

After that it was merely a case of assigning the correct channel to its proper control, and adding such things as Reverse where required and Expo for the flight controls to make them just a little less sensitive around neutral, although I'll have to read up my DX6i's manual on how to make all the controls less sensitive overall, especially Thro. ... the sailplane flies far too fast for my taste, even with throttle off, requiring quite a large lump of up trim to slow it down.

Really appreciate your interest and assistance mate.

Regards from Oz

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