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Originally Posted by jcg1112 View Post
Good info, this is what Futaba is missing in the manual.

I agree, the manual leaves much to be desired in many areas. It also took me awhile to figure out the 3 rates on one switch. Futaba gives a lot of "here's the function with description" but no examples of how to actually use it. I've never used flight conditions before and would really like to have programming examples of how to do it.

For the money this radio is truly impressive. I use an FX-30 (FG12) as my main radio and its some set for real serious glider use. As most people are aware the software for the T8FG is basically a slightly cut down version of the much more expensive FG12. It doesn't have the real high end Bells and Whistles of the FG12 but for 99% of flyers it will cover everything you are ever likely to throw at it.

However, like all Futaba manuals it leaves a lot to be desired. If it hadn't been for the fact that I was very familiar with the programming structure allready it would not have been easy to get the best from this set. I would recommend downloading the Robbe manuals for the FG12/FX30 and the T8Fg if available as whilst they are similar to the Futaba one's they contain additional info and cover more clearly many of the basic things too. There is one, as far as I can tell, undocumeneted feature of this set that I like a lot. The problem is it only appears to work on certain types of models !

Can anyone shed any light on this particular feature and why it only works with certain model types? It certainly works on a full moulded 6 servo model setup with Vtail. If you tap the Return button to get into the Large Timer Screen you will notice that the screen shows the four main trims. Ok lets assume in order to get it to fly straight you have had to put in say 30% aileron trim on the trim switch. If you now use the scroll wheel to highlight the aileron trim graphic and then press the Return button for 2 seconds the trim recentres itself whilst leaving the aileron at the original 30 % trim position. ie it resets the trim to neutral so that you can then have equal movement either way on the trim switch again...nice !

Any further info would be appreciated.
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