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I give up

I give up ... Told 'ja I was PC deprived.
No joy with either or Desk Pilot or FMS using the DX6i Tx.

My wife, bless her, remembered where the SimBlaster Interface was located, and I installed it as it came with a USB patch cord and attempted to activate the Desk Pilot program which I'd pre-installed while waiting for an interface.

It sort'a worked but the aircraft went every which way with no way I could work out what control did what, with the poor old Cessna doing ground loops nose down, with no input from any stick making things any better, only worse. No fiddling around with the Controls programming made any improvement. So much for that, I thought!

So I tried re-installing the FMS program version 2.06. which had worked previously with the DX6i on my old PC, thinking perhaps that Desk Pilot was incompatible with this Interface.
However this time there was no reaction at all when the program was opened and everything properly connected sequencially with no reaction at all from the aircraft, which just trundled off down the runway and into the distance ... no stick input doing anything. ...
However I could not get either program to calibrate, with most messages eventually saying 'ref to Device Manager' ... and

The instructions in regards to Calibration itself and how they relate to each required control had it seems absolutely no effect ... for the life of me I don't know how I installed and got the SimBlaster Interface to work with FMS in my old PC.
I'll wait until the other Interface arrives to see if that's any better. If not I'll just go out and crash real aircraft ...

Dunno what I'm doing wrong, and any assistance would be appreciated, although I still think the set up and Calibration Instructions leave a lot to be desired ... in both programs for a PC/electronically deprived old codger like me.

Not a happy camper!

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