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Originally Posted by robag99 View Post
How does the stock radio work? I blamed my stock radio on my last foamy crash so I vowed to use my own radio for new models
Well, I have a Hitec Eclipse 7, that I have 7 planes on. Love it. But I also have numerous other RTF that I have on stock raidos. I have 2 Dynams on stock raidos, the F-16, a Rafale (POS, but not the radios fault), brushed A-10 (currently down for brushless upgrade), and a J-Power (Nitroplanes) 55" wingspan Cessna 182, all on 72MHz, and a Art-Tech Spitfire on 2.4GHz. I have had others in the past as well.

I know some don't like the radios, but I have not had any problems with them. In fact, most of all my other planes are on cheap RXs. I refuse to spend $30 on an RX for a foamie, so even though I use the Hitec radio, most of them have Art-Tech or Dynam RXs. Out of 7 current flying, and numerous others I have had on them over the years, I have had 2 die. One caused a crash, the other was an intermittent servo problem. Not too bad of a track reccord for $5 RXs.

I also fly in a pretty quiet area, not a lot of radio interferance, at a private field, so that helps. But I have flown with 2-3 other planes up on diffrent channels with no problems.

I guess it comes down to personal prefrence. I prefer Tower Pro and cheap motors over name brand. If I kill them, they cost like $6 to replance. The cheap stuff seems to work well enough for me.
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