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Originally Posted by David Gower View Post
OK gotcha ... I think??? ... Thanks for the link back to what Peter did, I appreciate it ... but obviously, although not spelled out specifically, it actually means that a specific INTERFACE USB cable with incorporated electronics built in IS required, and not just an simple lead with a USB plug one end and a JR/Spektrum compatible stereo plug at the other.
Am I right this time ... ... 'cos if so I'll have to buy one?
Told'ja I was PC/and electronically deprived, and really just wanted something to simply plug'n'play but using my own Tx.
Therefore, in your opinion, would the SimBlaster type be suitable? Because this was what I used with FMS some years ago.
Apparently it is still available in two types, with the less expensive version able to handle 4 channels and the other at $40 having 7 proportional channels plus 4 buttons ... far more than I'd ever really want or need!

The original Interface I had originally was the second one, but it's been mislaid somewhere when the old PC went belly up, and has yet to be located, so I may be forced to buy a new one.

However, perhaps you or any others more learned types reading this thread may have a better, and maybe cheaper suggestion. I don't really want to go out and buy an expensive commercial Sim package, now that I've found yours which by all accounts, reading most of the thread, is pretty darned good, Davy.

Regards - Daffy.

Hey Daffy,
see my link above. A lot cheaper.
Cheers, Peter
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