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More flying, in calm conditions.

I think that Dennis has found the "G-spot" of this Mini zone wing. He moved the gravity point back. This gives also a lighter plane. Flying weight about 125 gram.

He could trow the Mini Zone to 37-38mtr, according the logger. (He trows a Supergee in this calm conditions to 43-45mtr.)

Flying times about 80-85 seconds. A wooden Mimi gives about 55 seconds. A big improvement! And there is a bit more possible cause the wingtip showed some twist caused by locally heating the fresh epoxy for glueing the trowing peg. Aileron trim was required, therefore it was not possible to fly with the best chambersettings.

Circling is fine in more calm conditions. One thing is very nice, if you switch to speedmode you can see the plane accelerate! Reach of this wing is also MUCH better than the wooden Mimi wing.

We are very happy with this wing. We will continue with this wing.

The plan is, more or less:
- Berrie: cut and bag two wings.
- Dennis: prepare a mandrell for booms
- Berrie: try to make booms below 8 gram
- Dennis: if the final decision has been made about the booms: fuselage positieve
- Berrie: negative fuselage molds
- Berrie: fuselage

But for the coming weeks beacuse of the weather in the Netherlands my scedule will be like: sleep-work-iceskating-sleep-work-iceskating-sleep
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