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Yeah, I looked at both the lightweight and heavier weight LPS units. They're good, but better suited to a bit smaller airframe, IMO.

Call me biased, but I fly 1:1 scale for a living, and one of my tenets is that an excess of power is rarely a bad

I don't mind some trim changes if it means I've got enough power to climb with authority if I need to...especially after doing some flying with my 'practice' ship lately, a foamy with a 3+ year old, ragged out nicad pack. It can barely get out of its own way, and while that keeps me on my toes, it doesn't make for a relaxing flying session.

Besides, I've read so many threads here about how well the IPS drive has worked for others that it looks like a good standard for this size plane.

Also, the ship I'm working on has a fairly small vertical stabilizer & rudder. With power, there'll be a bit less area for the prop wash to affect, minimizing some of the turning tendency (or so I surmise), but with a fairly large throw should give me decent control response.

I'll be playing around with designs on paper tonight when I have spare moments at work; so far my I-beam mount is still looking acceptable...but I can't shake the nagging feeling that I'm missing something simpler & better...we shall see.

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