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The parts list

Parts list for the Version #2 diversity controller:

2 - LM358 OpAmps
1 - Perforated cicuit board
2 - 100K potentiometer
4 - 15K resistors
2 - 41K resistors (or 2 - 22K resistors if you are building a positive scaling model)
3 - 2K resistors
2 - 47 uF capacitors
1 - 500K resistor
1 - MAX 4547 video switch
2 - LEDs (your choice of color)
1 - RCA cable (phono jack type)
1 - phono jack (female)

For the V1 Diversity switch:

1 - LM393 voltage comparator (an LM339 works as well and can be found at Radio Shack)
1 – LM358 Opamp
1 - 12V DPDT relay (I’d get the PC board type, but the automotive type works in a pinch)
1 - RCA cable
1 - RCA female output jack
1 - UA 7805 voltage regulator
1 - pcb board (2”X4” is sufficient if you are decent at packing electronics)
3 - 10K resistors (1/4 Watt)
1 - 2K resistor (1/4 Watt)
1 - NPN transistor (2n2222A, BC547C, or similar)
2 - 47uF Capacitors
1 – 100K potentiometer

For the system:
2 - video receivers
2 - Video antennas (I used 2 patch antennas, but you can use Yagis, Patches, Omin directional dipoles, or any mix)

A 12V battery

Optional Parts:

Voltage monitor or volt meter
Power switch
Red LED/green LEDs
2 – 100k multi turn potentiometers

Perhaps the best source for these parts is Jameo Electronics. They seem to be centered around the electronics hobbyist. Another good vendor I deal with is Allied Electronics. However, I find myself ordering from Ebay very often when I need just a few parts and need them cheap. Most of these items can even be bought at your local Radio Shack.

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