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I know that from experience setting up a "franken-heli", a gyro set on its side will send a signal to a servo, to maintain the gyro to its current position (I put a tail gyro, inadvertently, on its side and it reacted to forward and rearward pitch changes, not tail swings). It will not help bring the heli back to a stable position if you give a command (stick movement) to go forward, then expect it to level the heli, once you have let go of the stick. It will maintain current attitude until you tell it to change. My limited understanding of most gyros, is that they are HH used as is, but can be used for Rate if hooked up to the appropriate control channel. I guess what most of these guys, trying to sell a stabilization kit, don't tell you, is that you must first be able to fly the helicopter and hover it with only using a tail gyro at the least. If you can obtain a stable hover, the gyros will keep it there, but they will not correct your mistakes. I suggest you think in terms of a beginner's heli and get a nice 450 sized heli to fly, once you have mastered the beginner's heli. Just my thoughts.

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