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Coupons, Pricing & Expiry / Validity

Originally Posted by zero2444 View Post
I believe Mike said you can opt for the 72mhz module in place of the free receiver. The module if purchased is around 60 dollars, which seems very reasonable.
Selection of many Q&A on coupons/pricing compiled for ease of reference:

"The "Free" 7Ch receiver with the option to purchase another (7Ch) for $39.99 is a special for the Aurora only no matter which version you get.<snip> - Mike"

If you buy an Aurora 9 before March 31st "you can get either a free Spectra Pro module (when available) or Optima 7 RX and the option to purchase another Optima 7 for $39.99. So the Aurora 9 w/ (2) 7ch RX's and the Spectra Pro module: $469.99 or w/9ch, Rx/7Ch RX, and Spectra Pro: $499.99. - Mike.

1. The coupon may now be exchanged for a second Spectra Pro (upgrade existing TX), in lieu of the Optima 7ch RX, refer:
Choose either a Spectra Pro Module or Optioma 7 RX
"The Spectra PRO module will be $69.99, the same price as the Optima 7 RX, so when it's available (Nov?) you could substitute it in place of the free Optima 7 or the $39.99 option offered on the coupon.
The Aurora reveiw is in FLY RC Dec_09 issue 73. - Mike. "

2. Buyers of all Aurora versions will have the coupon which is good for one 7Ch RX and the option to purchase a second. There is no option to substitute this for a 9Ch RX.

3. Coupons are only offered and valid for purchases in North and South America.
If you have purchased the radio from the USA and have a USA shipping address you can use the coupon. - Mike.

Coupon offer: As I mentioned previously, Hitec will continue to include coupons in all the Aurora for orders by distributors/dealers placed prior to March 31st. In the event that you receive your Aurora without the coupon after this date, you will need to contact us with proof of purchase showing that you paid or ordered on or before March 31st and we will send you the coupon. - Mike. 03/24/21010

Coupon Validity-Expiry #1 "I can say that everyone that has Aurora's on order now will not have any worries about getting the coupon. If you wait until late March that might be a different story. If your radio comes with a coupon it is valid no matter when you redeem it. - Mike"
Coupon Validity-Expiry #2 I 've been saying that most but not all radios in the marketplace will have the coupons and that's all that matters. There is no deadline for redeeming this coupon.... Send it in! - Mike. 6/23/2010

4. Spectra Pro & Optima RX Combo.
Q "will the module/ 7channel rec combo have the coupon also?
Im jumping the Futaba ship and going Hitec.
I'm putting the module in a Eclipse that I just bought "
A Sorry no, but we are offering a combo for the module w/2 receivers for a special price. - Mike.

Combos pricing - examples
Optima 6 Receiver and HMA-24FI Module Combo $ 99.99
2 Optima 6 Receiver and HMA-24FI Module Combo $114.99
Optima 7 Receiver and HMA-24FI Module Combo $109.99
2 Optima 7 Receivers and HMA-24FI Module Combo $129.99
Optima 9 Receivers and HMA-24FI Module Combo $154.99
2 Optima 9 Receivers and HMA-24FI Module Combo $199.99

5. Comparisons.
Price & Coupon Comparison
"Unlike the 72Mhz module that use the radio circuitry to output the signal to the receiver, 2.4Ghz modules are self contained so,
provided they are compatible, the RF link is just as solid to the RX in any brand radio.

Example: User review of a Futaba 9C w/Hitec AFHSS conversion here:

Here's a couple other things anyone (and their wallets) to consider as most will need more than one RX for multiple models.

Hitec AFHSS module w/ (2) 7 channel RX's plus one additional (3 total)= $199.99
Futaba FAAST module w/ (1) 7ch RX = $199.99 add two more (3 total) 7CH RX's = $399.97
Hitec Aurora 9 w/ 7Ch RX here: $379.99
which includes a coupon for a second 7Ch RX (FREE) and the option to purchase a third for $39.99 = $419.98.

So... if going for the module update you get (3) Hitec RX's for the same cost as getting one Futaba, or... even more outrageous, spend only $20 more and get an Aurora 9 over the FAAST module with the same amount of 7CH RX's! You're going to need at least 3 RX's anyway right?

Mike "

"Current Special Offers from Hitec USA. These offers are only available to Hitec customers in the USA, Canada & Mexico

Buy an Aurora 9 and Get a 2nd 7 Channel Receiver Free: Retail purchasers of all Aurora 9's models bought on or before March 31, 2010 will receive a coupon for a free Optima 7 receiver. The coupon along with proof of purchase must be sent to Hitec USA for redemption. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.
Note from Hitec: There has been some concern that, due to the overwhelming demand for the Aurora 9, some customers who placed their orders, but have not received their radio, may not be able to participate in this offer. As long as you get a coupon you are entitled to participate regardless of actual delivery date. Hitec will include coupons in all Aurora 9''s shipped to our distributors before March 31, 2010.

2.4 GHz Promotional Module Exchange: Running April 1, 2010 through May 31,2010. This is the offer mentioned by Jay Smith in Model Aviation Magazine. This offer is for a promotional module that is compatible with all modern Hitec module type radios as well as many Futaba™ Radios that use the FP-TP-FM series module (7U, 8U, 9C, & 9CS Radios). You send us any 72MHz Module along with the offer form and $20.00 + 4.95 S&H and we will send you a 2.4GHZ Module. The offer form will be available on our website no later than March 12th, 2010.

Fly R/C Readers Free Receiver Offer: Using the Coupon found in the May and June issues of Fly R/C. Retail purchasers of any 2.4GHz model of the Optic 6 Sport or Optic 6 radios can receive a free second Optima 6 receiver as well as the option to buy a third receiver for half price. This offer is only valid for with the coupon and proof of purchase. Expires July 31st, "
Aurora A9 Undocumented Features - Mixes, Setups, Tips. (includes Spectra Pro and Optima RX features. {frequently updated}

Alan T.
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