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Originally Posted by crxmanpat View Post
Hmm, just checked out the Suppo website, and apparently Timing cannot be changed on these:


Maybe all of these cheapy escs are made by suppo, but the ones I normally use do allow "timing" programming. Here is the rc timer programmable controller. Scroll down to #6 under Programmable Items.

The esc mentioned appears to be a version of the hobbywing controller. These appear to be similar to the HobbyCity SS programmable escs...which both versions can be programmed using the HobbyWing and Turnigy program cards.

Funny story
We just maidened my buddy's F22. He was using the 28-26 2200kv motor with the 30amp controller and a 6x4e prop. Launch was nice. He was flying it in a large oval pattern while he added some down trim. Finally dialed it in and moved to about 3/4 throttle. He did a small loop and then I though he cut the power. He said he lost power. I asked about control surfaces and he said NO. We thought either the battery vented or the ESC fried. The plane had a slight glide to it but basically harriered in for a perfect touchdown.

As we slowly walked across the field, first we saw a puff of smoke. As we got closer, flames erupted. By the time we made it to the plane, every inch of the plane was in flames. I started throwing some dirt on the fire and by the time the fire was out there was absolutely no plane left. The thing basically melted into the ground along with all the electronics like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.

We concluded that the ESC fried. The battery was somewhat intact except for the shrink covering and wires. Man, that sucks. The only thing salvagable was the prop adapter (at least we think so at this point).

Bad ESC? We did a couple static tests on the ground prior to flight, but with the tried and true setup (28-26/2212 motor, 30amp esc, 6x4 prop) we don't think we over-amped it. Any thoughts?
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