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My Alula is fat

Wow, my Alula needs a *lot* of nose weight to make it balance. Before balancing, it was 158g (5.6 ounces). After test weighting with a mix of coins in the battery slot and taped to the nose, it's 177g (6.25 ounces). That seems to be higher than anyone else's reported Alula weight, and I haven't even painted mine yet!

I used the stock Blueberry servos and receiver pack, along with a Spektrum 6110e receiver.

Before I make these nose weights permanent, are there any great tips for moving the CG forward without adding weight? I could maybe get the receiver another mm or two further forward, but I'm not sure the receiver is heavier than the foam I'd have to carve out to make space.

The only other option I can think of is to carve the battery compartment a little further toward the nose, and move the batteries a bit forward. That seems potentially dangerous, though, given the number of broken noses I've seen reported.

Where are people adding their nose weight? In the coin-sized slots on either side of battery?
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