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Originally Posted by robag99 View Post
Are you able to see how much "juice" you are putting into the pack after discharge? The pack might be fried. I just ordered a nose cone.
On another note, my lower half decided to seperate during flight and shortly after the fan decided to come unglued from the upper half. The crash was actually not too bad. After putting it all back together I cant get the lower half magnets near the aft end of the fuselage to connect :/ I would buy another one excpet it's $50 now from the cheaper black friday sale!
Well, I tried another flight today, on a diffrent pack, and it flew great. The pack that seems to work well is a Zippy 1300MAH 20C pack. The other pack I tried was a no name 1300MAh 20C pack that came with an RTF Rafale. And in case you are wondering, the Rafale is not all that good. Marginal on power, and I have crashed it twice becauese I could not maintain altatued in a turn.

I tried the questionable pack in a Art-tech Cessna, flew great. The balancer says it is in balance. So I think it just can not deliver the amp draw called for.

How much do they get for one of those (basically paper thin) nose cones? Mine is not too bad, a few wrinkles. I stuffed paper towels in it to firm it up, did not add much weight.

Try using packing tape over the hole airframe, then cutting out along the hinge lines. I can't believe how much stiffer it made the plane. It has gone down in the weeds several times now, no scratches on it at all. Looks preistine. Well worth the 3/4 oz. and 2 hours it took.
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