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Originally Posted by L-Spatz View Post
Corsha, interesting task that 1.5 km O&R. Starting from a center point,go right 375 meter's(walk aroung the marker and fly past it),return to center continuing on to the left point 375 meter's(walk around the marker and fly past it)return to center for the 1.5 km flight.

Or do you see differantly?
That technically would meet the requirement but I think you made it harder doing that. Slope is already at least 750 meters long so you could have just started on one end, flew to the other, and came back to start. Only 2 legs needed to complete task.

I didn't think of it the way you described but don't have a problem with it. I was envisioning a scenario where you had to punch out away from the slope for a certain distance and then try to come back to the start. Not necessarily punch out at a right angle to the slope but definately away from the slope. Probably need to put a minimum distance requirement for a leg if you choose to use 3 waypoints, maybe 25% of the total goal length which in this case would be the 375 meters in your scenario.

By the way, for these shorter distances I can easily see the pilot staying in one place while they fly out to the waypoints and wait for a signal from the helpers. Granted 750 meters can be pretty far out there for a small slope plane though. How big is a 48" combat wing when it is 750 meters away? Love mixing units!!
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