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Originally Posted by The Scarecrow View Post
If you can't find a phillips, a very small straight screwdriver will work. Anyone at you place wear glasses? If they have an eyglass screwdriver kit, one of those would work just fine.

Or, and I've done it myself. Take a small nail, and hammer the pointed end flat, till you have a point that will fit the screw. If the screws are tight, use a pair of pliers on the nail to twist it.
Ok did everything, checked all you told me.

The bigger gear when disconnected from the motor span freely (however it only spun for a second before stopping, it definatlely wasn;t stiff)

I put it all back together and the loud better but still there slightly and so are the vibrations. I think it was the prop and everything is 80% smoother than before I fiddled.

Thank you for your help, as soon as the weather picks up and I get my new spinner Ill let you know how it goes !
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