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Originally Posted by The Scarecrow View Post
I'll go back to my original thoughts on your problem now. Yep I bet you bent the shaft or prop. Why? now you say the problem gets worse as you throttle up. A bent shaft or bad prop will tend to magnify the problem as it speeds up, so even thou you didn't see a problem when you hand spun it, running it up shwed it was there.

Also the prop being "torn up" is another dead give away you have a problem there.

Yeah for safety sake and to be sure of your problem, you may have damaged both the prop and motor or shaft, take the cowl off.

Best of luck to you.
Before you go,

Where is the prop shaft? Is it the cased bit above the motor that runs behind the prop?

If it is a damaged Motor is it easily fixable?

Is a damaged shaft easily fixed?

Once again thank you so much.
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